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SKU : LL23CBS214

Nguyên giá 1.639.540 ₫ 2.342.200 ₫ |  Tiết kiệm 702.660 ₫ (30%Giảm)

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La Viva L. A spacious and roomy bag that fits with any essential belongings put. Formal design with trendy twist that take on the new definition of iconic bad style. Your soon-to-be favourite bag that surely will evoke your superstar character. Featuring rectangular shape, open top with sling snap, front logo plaque, handles, including main compartment, and detachable long strap. Available in 2 colors, Taupe, and Caramel.


  • Rectangular Shape
  • Top Handle Bag
  • Open Top
  • Front Logo Plaque
  • Detachable Long Strap
  • Main Compartment
  • Handle
  • PU

  • Dimension

    • Width 24 cm. X Depth 16 cm. X High 17.5 cm.

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