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SKU : LL22CWF055

Nguyên giá 645.000 ₫ 1.290.000 ₫ |  Tiết kiệm 645.000 ₫ (50%Giảm)

Gretel Short Wallet. Tiny in size, mighty in style. An item to store your essential things. Your new best friend item that will always stay by your side. Featuring square shape, fold flap magnetic closure, logo plaque, bead pearl detailing, including separated compartment. Available in 3 colors, Black, Pink, and Blue.


  • Square Shape
  • Flap Magnetic Closure
  • Logo Plaque
  • Bead Pearl Detailing
  • Separated Compartment
  • PU
  • Dimension

    • Depth 3.5 cm. X Length 10.5 cm. X Height 9 cm.

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