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SKU : LL21FTD006

Nguyên giá 1.393.000 ₫ 1.990.000 ₫ |  Tiết kiệm 597.000 ₫ (30%Giảm)

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Lady Nicole Watch. Punctuality something you need to work on. You can rest easy knowing that you will never be late having thise lovely timepiece. Featuring retangular shape face, silicone straps with crystal embellishment including central logo plaque, including index dial. Available 3 colors, Black, Light Blue, and Pink.


  • Retangular Round Face
  • Silicone Straps
  • Crystal Embellishment
  • Central Logo Plaque
  • Index Dial
  • Protective Case
  • Dimension

    • Depth 6 cm. X Length 24.2 cm. X Heigth cm.

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