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SKU : LL20WBF077

Nguyên giá 1.095.000 ₫ 2.190.000 ₫ |  Tiết kiệm 1.095.000 ₫ (50%Giảm)

Classic icons in jumbo sizes for all luggage. It comes in a front-folding design with gold chain hardware that doubles as a built-in carry handle, the LYN crest and detachable square charm add exclusive details to the look.


  • Folding design with magnetic button fastening
  • Single entry box There is a slot attached to the back.
  • Handle on a gold chain with removable hanging tag
  • Adjustable and removable shoulder strap
  • Glossy gold hardware
  • PU material with lining
Dimension: Depth 8 cm. X Length 25 cm. X Heigth 16 cm.

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